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Glory to Ukraine! Слава Україні!.png

Flower Power for Peace  

More than 10 millions refugees, more than 8 millions displaced people, 90% women and children have been forced to leave everything overnight. The destiny of 43 193 852 human beings darkened with the beginning of invasion of Ukraine on February 24th 2022…
“Flower Power for Peace” is an artistic project created to continue bringing attention and support to Ukrainians in their fight for human values and rights: wake up in their houses, live in peace in their country, educate kids without being disturbed by civil security alarms, work, have joy and love … just like other people on the planet.
The windows are symbols of plurality of lives, multicolor flowers at the beginning embody the peaceful life in Ukraine before February 24th, red flowers in the middle are symbols of spilled blood of innocents, blue and yellow flowers at the end - the future flourishing days.

The globe is a symbol of rejection of war and the unwavering support by the International community. 

Music is a contribution of 8-year child to this project interpreting "Oi u luzi chervona kalyna" ("Oh, in the meadow a red guelder rose"), an Ukrainian folk song that became a symbol of resistance and bravery.


Final video is generated from more then 150 original videos with different flowers that we named “plurixels” due to the plural windows that remind pixel framing.

Half of earnings from this artistic project will be dedicated to help Ukrainian children suffering from this disaster.

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